Sailing Options

1-Hour (Introductory) Sail

Offered Monday afternoons only, 1-2 PM


Here's a teaser for you newbies....a get-your-toes-wet kinda' sail. warned.... sailing can be very addicting. The good news is it's good for you, physically and mentally.

Here's some more good news. Although this is the shortest but also most expensive sail per time allotted, if you decide to extend your sail for another hour or come back for another sail this season (which is, of course, our aim), any one, subsequent sail you purchase (this season) will be discounted by the amount you paid extra for the introductory 1 hour sail. And how cool is that? 

Ball's in your court. Make it happen!

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Rate for 1-Hour Sail

The cost of the boat for this sail (for up to 6 guests) is $250.

Should scheduling permit and you decide to extend this sail for another hour or sail with us again on a regular, "non-introductory" sail for another day this season, you will receive a $90 rebate applied toward the list price of that sail.

In other words, an extended, second hour would cost just an additional $90. A 2-hour sail later on in this season would cost just $250 instead of $340. Etc.  Are you ready for the closer? The rebate, good for this season only, would be completely transferable. We don't care. If you're feeling rich you could give it away to a friend. If he or she is rich you could sell it to them! Either way, you and your friends, having sailed with us, will come out way ahead.


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