Sailing Options

1/2 Day, 4-Hour Sail

This is the shortest sail with a time frame that (wind and currents providing) could possibly allow for a quick stop over and swim at one of the Elizabeth Islands. So if you would like to add a little adventure to the sail, turning it into a mini expedition with touch down on a sandy beach of a remote island, a fully loaded 4 hour sail excursion just might work and be something to get excited about. 

With just 4 hours to "play," however, our experience dictates that any "stop-over" decision should be based on the weather and collective mood at the time. If the sailing is great, which is usually the case, would it be worth sacrificing sailtime to go through the ordeal of lowering-raising sail and anchoring simply because that particular decision was made (unnecessarily) weeks in advance? 

If the whole purpose of the trip is to relax and enjoy and get away from the pressures that we put on ourselves, it seems ironically counter productive  to get worked up over trying to  cram as much as possible into a sail that was meant to be relaxing. Sailors pride themselves in being able to connect to "Island Time" thinking. In trying to get the most out of one's sail it would be a shame to lose sight of such fundamental tradition. The name of the game is to "chill." If the kids want to go for a little more adventure and you're feeling rushed, what's the harm in scheduling another hour or two?

Rate for 1/2 day sail

Based on the 2 hour rate of being $340 plus $100 for each additional hour, a 4 hour sail normally costing $540 is discounted to $525, plus $100 for each additional hour, provided the sail is scheduled to end at least 1/2  hour before a subsequent sunset sail time slot begins. A five hour sail would cost $625 unless scheduled to return during a scheduled sunset sail in which case it would cost $725.

For any quesions you might have regarding pricing or for more information we would be happy to provide, please call or text 508-246-7034 . 

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