About You

The Crew is you. Sailing with us is about .....#1.....you.


Some, never having sailed before (in their entire lives), might find this a little intimidating. Not to worry. We all have to start somewhere. And no better time or place than this summer on "Mass Transit 105," under the watchful eye and experienced tutelage of the infamous and legendary, "Admirable Nick."

​If you're not afraid to get your hands wet; to haul on a line or two, (OK, maybe a rusty, barnacled chain); to stand stalwart in salt spray at the helm or as look out; to learn an entire nautical language crammed into a 45 second lecture and then take orders in that language from a grumbling, calloused captain; to deftly steer 50 plus tons of an ocean-racing thoroughbred through gentle, ocean ground swells, whitecaps and narrow, rocky channels between islands...then this job's for you. No pay included.

​Of course it helps if you can sing. Sing along, that is, with the Captain who loves, simply loves, an embarrassed, captive audience (with no place to run or hide but to bellow out to the wind gods for mercy). The captain hopes and expects you will all be in fine voice and that someone in the group can harmonize or at least "take melody" while he strums away on his salty guitar, calibrating the wind o'er his brow. Needless to say, you will be expected to know his version (lyrics and tune) of every song he plays. Bongos, tambourine, keyboard, guitar, concertina and, of course, cowbell are provided but not necessarily. If someone plays flute or better, french horn, please bring it along....so we can make it all work. So the motley "Crew," just like The Mamas and The Papas or like, dare I say, The Beatles, can prepare for its next tour. Or just bring your own music box. Please no punk or hip hop. The Captain is old school.

Oh... and another part of the crew's job description. Very important.  The captain loves hordevoures....or however you spell it.  Be sure to bring some along. (Why is it always pretzels? Yuck!) And, if any fish are caught by "the crew," (as it happens), one shall be formally and ceremoniously presented to the captain to take home for his dinner (not theirs) at the end of the sail. If only one is caught, preferably a blue or a striper, so be it, with captain's name upon it.

​​But everyone on and off ships knows that the most important job of any crewmember on any vessel is keeping the captain happy.  Being crew and what it is to be crew is never about the crew. It's all about the captain!