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Sunset Sail


It's no secret to islanders that a small fishing village on the East Coast, Menemsha, offers one of the most sought after views of the setting sun disappearing over the horizon and the remote Elizabeth Islands to the west. On the entire eastern seaboard, (well, maybe Key West), only Menemsha offers such spectacular sunsets. It could be Hawaii, Massachusetts. Welcome to Menemsha.


Have you ever heard of beach goers sticking around and actually applauding a sunset? I mean, really. But this happens routinely at Menemsha. It's a cult thing. And if they're not at the beach many from all over the island will stop what they're doing and drive to Menemsha just to be there, on time. Well, God bless 'em all. It's like an ode to the Sun, to thank it for being there, for a job well done, for keeping us alive and well, with hope, for one more day.

Adding to the glory of this view are a variety of boats seen on the same horizon. For example, the occasional fishing boat rounding Aquinnah returning to port with a full catch. How many have wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of that view, being on the water returning home to port at sunset? "Mass Transit 105" offers exactly this opportunity, an opportunity of a lifetime, for people who may not own their own sailboats but would like to experience and partake in the magic. Sunrise and sunsets are especially special to sailors and not just for navigational but spiritual purposes. You're not just viewing it. You're a part of it. You're out there with it. Closer. You're in it. Living it. 

Rate for Sunset Sail

The cost of a two hour sunset sail is $440  ($100 more than a regular two hour sail). Any additional sail time,  to either side of a scheduled sunset sail time slot, (before or after) will be invoiced at $100 per hour. 

For example, on a day when sunset occurs at 8:15 PM, a typical, 2-hour sunset time slot would be scheduled from 6:45 to 8:45 PM and cost $440. For someone wanting an afternoon sail, beginning around 4 PM, to be extended into and include a sunset, we would recommend a 3:45 to 8:45 PM sail that would cost $750 or a 4:45 to 8:45 that would cost $650. If willing to return an hour before dusk, (before completion of sunset) either sail would cost $100 less.

Conversely, someone chartering the boat for that same afternoon would be docked the extra $100 surcharge if their scheduled sail was not ended by 6:15 PM allowing time for the boat to be prepared for the upcoming (6:45 - 8:45 PM) sunset sail. 

sail waning o sar at 2PM and include the sunset ime slot sunset sail  scheduled either before or after the sunset, (that would cut into, interfere with and preclude a normally scheduled sunset sail), will be charged an additional $100/hour on top of the $440. For example, a scheduled 4 -hour sail from  (including sunset) 

This $100 surcharge is also applied to the cost of any sail scheduled to cut into and preclude another client from chartering his or her own sunset sail.


 $100 per hour for the boat for each additional hour                              including optional stop-overs (swim/picnic/exploring)                        on Elizabeth Islands, providing sail ends at least 1/2-hour                  before a sunset sail time slot.

$440 for 2 hour Menemsha Sunset Sail or $100 surcharge                 for any regular sail that cuts into a 2-hour, sunset sail time               slot. A typical sunset sail would be scheduled to depart                     roughly one hour before sunset and arrive home at dusk,                   one hour following sunset. For example, a 2-hour sunset                   sail for a date when sun would be setting at 7:16PM would               probably be scheduled on that day to depart at 6PM                           returning at 8PM and cost $440. A 3-hour afternoon sail                   scheduled to end by 5:30PM (leaving 1/2-hour turn around               time before the sunset sail) would cost $340 +100 = $440.               Should the 3-hour afternoon sail (above) be scheduled to                 return after 6PM on this particular day, (e.g., a 4-7PM sail),               thus precluding a later sunset sail for the same evening, it                 would cost $340 +$100 + an additional $100 = $540. 

  (See date/time Table of Menemsha Sunsets/Moon Phases here.)

           $540 for 2 hour Full Moon, sleigh-ride sail.                     

           (BYOB = Bring your own blankets.)

We feel this pricing is not so complicated as it reads. It surely is competitive. Looking at all the options, give us a call so that we can help you make the best, most cost effective choice for your group.


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