Sailing Options

2-Hour Sail

In today's world, for better or worse, this 2-hour time frame has come to be a kind of standard for the industry. It allows one to at least experience an overview/summary of the process; to climb on board, meet the ship, weigh anchor, hoist sails then head out to the unknown just in time (with the short time remaining) to try to take it all in, cerebrally, finish a sandwich and prepare oneself mentally for dealing with real-world realities back on terra firma. It's kind of like going to the beach for just two hours. The perfect mini-escape.  A full day at the beach would be better but 2 hours is better than not at all. 

Sailing vs going to the beach makes for an interesting comparison. Empty beaches can be particularly inspiring. Sailing takes us out on the water, away from land, one big giant step closer to and in harmony with the raw elements of Nature. Being on the water, and using the wind (but not using it up!) for a sustained period to manipulate our propulsion  is probably the closest we humans will get in this lifetime to being like birds.....if only for a couple of hours. If only it were free.

Rate of 2-Hour Sail

 * $340 for the boat, up to 6 guests, for a minimum 2 hour sail. 

$100 per hour for the boat will be charged for each additional scheduled hour including for optional stop-overs (swim/picnic/exploring) on Elizabeth Islands, providing scheduled sail ends at least 1/2-hour before a sunset sail time slot begins.

* There are 2 Exceptions:
*First exception. 

$440 for 2 hour Menemsha Sunset Sail (representing a $100 surcharge) will be applied to any regular sail that cuts into a 2-hour, sunset sail time slot. A typical        sunset sail would be scheduled to depart approximately one hour before sunset and arrive home at dusk, approximately 1/2 hour following sunset.

For example, a 2-hour sunset sail for a   date when sun would be setting at 7:16 PM would probably be scheduled on that day to depart at 6 PM returning at 8PM and cost $440.  Someone wanting a three hour afternoon sail scheduled to end by 5:30 PM (leaving 1/2-hour turn- around time before the sunset sail) would cost $340 +100 = $440.              Should the 3-hour afternoon sail (in above example) be scheduled to return  after 6PM on this particular day, (e.g., a 4-7PM sail), thus precluding the possibility of a later sunset sail for the same evening, it would cost:

$340 +$100 + an additional $100 = $540. 

*Second exception.

 $540 for 2 hour Full Moon, sleigh-ride sail.     


We feel this pricing is not so complicated as it reads. It surely is competitive. After looking at all the options, give us a call so that we can help you make the most appropriate, cost effective choice for your particular group.
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