About Us

The Captain


What can we say about our beloved Captain? Words cannot express his devotion to duty and passengers. He is, of course, USCG licensed and has been for most of his life. Bla, bla, bla. But let us try, at least, to paint a broader, more circumspect picture of the man himself.

He is, in no particular order, but first of all, and most importantly, humble .....and handsome, and intelligent, and wise, and patient; very strong (physically, constitutionally and spiritually), extremely professional, courteous, respectful, discreet, discriminating, discerning, handsome, (was that mentioned?), sensitive and empathetic, philosophical, articulate; socially, politically, intellectually and athletically admired, disciplined, principled, funny, .... an incredible sense of timing..... fun to be with, forever young, erudite, a true humanitarian, philanthropist, incredible musician, kick-ass guitar playing, knows-every-song entertaining, stylish, (a slave to style), rational, fair minded, balanced, grounded, honest, truthful, truth seeking, proud but not too proud (just the right amount of proud), nuanced, subtle, profound, wonderful story teller, (very engaging), knowledgeable and accurate historian, patriot, 100% conspiracy theorist, modest, humble and handsome (what, again?) loveable ....and....(is it possible?) so much more. I could go on and on but it might begin to sound a little over-the-top and self indulging.

Let me put it this way. Everyone enjoys sailing with him. Just ask him. He's not going to lie about it.

Secondly, he himself enjoys to sail with good, friendly company when the weather cooperates; when it's not too hot or cold, when there is wind but not too much, when there is sun and no rain, no ominous clouds on the horizon.....when equipment is working as it was designed to perform; when everyone, including him, is happy and appreciative and grateful, when everything is perfect. How about you?